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Let the development process begin!

We’ll start with a brief introduction to Ironistic’s development team and overview of your organization’s plugin needs. From there, we’ll move on to the build.

plugin development services


In short, the installation process will be seamless on both ends. After installing your plugin, you can expect to run through a training course with one of our developers for ease of use on your team’s side. Plus, you’ll be able to access downloadable content for an overview of your new plugin’s features in writing.



Our development team will run through specific functionalities and requirements according to your business needs.


Hands-off Integration

We’re happy to set up your new custom plugin and make it readily available for usage—all within a matter of hours. Integration is all in-house!


Continuous Upgrades

No matter which plugin(s) we develop to heighten your brand’s online success, you can ensure that our team of developers will go through the testing process to confirm that it is up-to-speed with the most recent versions of WordPress.

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