Seamlessly Integrate Any WordPress Website with Greenhouse Talent Acquisition Platform

Your business’ open positions and their correlating role descriptions are one of the many reflections of your brand as a whole — isn’t it about time that you showcased this content directly within your website? With Iron gForce, custom job boards styled according to your specific preferences are made fully available on your careers landing page. Yup — that means no more jumping off of your WordPress-hosted website to a Greenhouse job board. Make recruiting and hiring a whole lot easier and enhance Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with Iron gForce.

Price: $395/year

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Plugin Features

  • Easy Configuration: Configure settings, drop in the shortcode, and your Greenhouse listings are live! Need help? Give us a shout, and we’ll set it up for you.
  • Automatic Data Synchronization: Published jobs are automatically synchronized between your website and Greenhouse, via customizable scheduling.
  • Stronger Search Engine Optimization (SEO): With job descriptions and applications all displayed directly within your website, users will have a seamless experience while maintaining brand consistency
  • Extensive source/referral tracking capabilities
  • Personalized support from Ironistic’s development team: Integration is all in-house!
  • Fully up-to-date plugin capabilities: Iron gForce has been tested to work with the most recent versions of WordPress
  • Ease of use on both ends: Let the application and reviewing processes begin!

Price: $395/year


You only need a GreenHouse account. There are no level requirements for accessing the GreenHouse job board API.

Listing are pulled into WordPress as a custom post type and stored locally in the website’s database.

By default, the plugin is setup to update job listings every 24 hours. However, this can be adjusted to be more frequent in the plugin settings.

There is no limit to the amount of job boards you can import using the plugin!

Ironistic’s Partnership with Greenhouse

Since 2014, Ironistic has partnered with Greenhouse in an effort to make recruiting and hiring easier for businesses and their potential applicants. The desire to work together was rooted in our shared efforts to drive employment conversions via the connection between applications, or API integration. Ironistic can integrate Greenhouse API with pretty much any website, regardless of the underlying platform or content management system. With Greenhouse integration from Ironistic, you can expect custom job boards styled according to your specific preferences — made fully available on your careers landing page.

Benefits include:

  • Custom job boards styled according to your preferences (See it live on The Ambit Group website)
  • Automated updates — your HR team makes changes in Greenhouse and they are updated automatically on your website
  • Extensive source/referral tracking capabilities
  • Stronger Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with content directly on your website
  • Job descriptions and applications all within the same page (See it live on FI Consulting’s Opportunities Page)

As an official Greenhouse partner, Ironistic offers API-driven integrations that provide a seamless user experience. (That’s right — no more jumping off your site to a Greenhouse board!)

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